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Tangata Manu (Bird Man) Charm

Tangata Manu (Bird Man) Charm
All of Easter Island cultural life revolved around the Manutara Bird Cult. The main yearly ceremony involved the election of the Tangata Manu Chief, or Bird Man. To obtain this title, the candidates needed to take the first egg that the Manutara, a migratory bird, lay on Easter Island. This ceremony had place in Orongo. The ancient ceremonial village of ORONGO is located at the top of the extinct volcano, RANO KAU.

There, once a year in ancient times, the TANGATA MANU or birdman warrior king was chosen on the outcome of a competition that consisted of swimming through choppy seas from the main island to the islets known as MOTU KAO-KAO, MOTU 'ITI and MOTU NUI, to procure an egg of the migratory MANUTARA bird.

The competitor then had to bring the egg back to Orongo, scagical complex near the town of Hanga Roa, consists of three restored ceremonial AHU or ceremonial platforms. AHU AKIVI is a ceremonial platform with seven MOAI (statues) that represent the seven navigators sent by King Hotu Matu?a to explore the land seen in a dream by the seer, Hau Maka, on island of Hiva. PUNA PAU is a small crater of red scoria. It was the quarrying place of the PUKAO or topknots that crowned the head of some the path on which these were removed from the quarry. The extinct volcano, RANO RARAKU, is one of the largest and most important archeological platforms along the coasts of the island.

This person was believed to be protected, from that moment, by the gods. He shaved his head and painted it red, only to down himself with a human hair wig, or Hau-Oho. His face would be painted red and black as well.

We based our design on several sculptures and paintings found that honor the Tangata Manu. Crafted in Solid 950 Sterling Silver with inlayed Lapis Lazuli, it is a beautiful tribute to this foreign and legendary cult.

Medium Charm (0.59" diameter)
Large Charm (0.87" diameter)

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