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Are you looking for a hard to find piece? Are you trying to replicate an existing jewel, perhaps something you lost? Would you like to have one of our Sterling Silver designs crafted in Gold?

At Lapis Lazuli World, we can help to make your wishes come true! We are EXPERTS in custom commissions.

As jewelers, we can make just about anything you like, crafted within a week's time or less (no including delivery time), and with our legendary LOW PRICES. So send us a picture, description, sketch, etc: You will be contacted by our staff promptly, with the project's crafting time, along with design alternatives, jeweler's recommendations to create a sturdier or easier to wear piece, material description, price quotation, and instructions to place your order, if you agree.

Let's start on your dream! Contact Us!


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18K Gold and Oval Lapis Lazuli Cabochon Ring See details
18K Gold and Oval Lapis Lazuli Cabochon Ring
SKU: RGG-56221
Sizable, spectacular ring, handcrafted in 14K gold with a selected Lapis Lazuli cabochon. This ring is available in all our stones, and crafted to your size, free of charge!

Our price: £1188.25 (€1378.37)
Market price: £2359.79 , save 50%
18K Gold Lapis Lazuli Beads Art Deco Necklace

Special Order Item:  One of a kind Lapis Lazuli bead necklace, featuring solid 18K Gold links contrasting with the extra blue, extremely fine Lapis Lazuli beads of 8 mm diameter.  The necklace features hand-carved Lapis Lazuli medallions and a solid 18K Gold security clasp with Lapis Lazuli inlay.

Our price: £1140.86 (€1323.40)
Market price: £2941.15 , save 61%
Extra Large Sterling Silver and Lapis Lazuli Channeling Pendant
SKU: SKU1215
Bold, modern design handcrafted in 950 Sterling Silver and featuring a specially selected, extra blue, AAA Grade Oval Lapis Lazuli cabochon, encircled in thick sterling silver wire.

Our price: £154.80 (€179.57)
Market price: £260.81 , save 41%
Salvatore's Lapis Lazuli Ring (from the Vampire Diaries) See details
Salvatore's Lapis Lazuli Ring (from the Vampire Diaries)
SKU: RG-8745

Special Order Piece:  Lapis Lazuli World has been crafting this exquisite piece, based on the design shown on the popular TV series, as special commission for several jewelry stores. We now offer this piece in our website by popular demand.

This ring is Handcrafted ion 950 Sterling Silver (instead of 925 sterling as most imitations): Our Salvatore's ring has an oval, extra blue Lapis Lazuli cabochon with the Sterling Silver Salvatore's crest on top (most imitations present a cheap one piece ring, with Lapis blue paste glued around the crest).

The ring has etched scrolls (all done by hand) in both band and frame. Right over the Old English monogram letter, our version for the ring has a small round Lapis Lazuli cabochon, just as the original prop from the series.

You can order this ring with any initial you wish, and in ANY SIZE, for no extra charge!

The ring's crown measure, approximately,   0.75" L x 0.55" W x 0.2" H:  it varies slightly according to ring's size.

Our price: £279.48 (€324.20)
Market price: £512.88 , save 46%
Special Order: 12 mm Bead Necklace
Special order item. Please allow 4 days for crafting The king of our collection. Extremely rare 12 mm Extra Blue Lapis Lazuli beads (grade AAA), matched in size and color intensity to create this gorgeous necklace. Solid 950 Sterling Silver closure.

Our price: £964.07 (€1118.32)
Market price: £2952.29 , save 67%
Special Order:  18K White Gold Bvlgari Ring See details
Special Order: 18K White Gold Bvlgari Ring
SKU: SO-Bvlgary1
Gorgeous! Over 10 grams of solid 18K gold are enhanced by a round Lapis Lazuli cabochon. Also available in Obsidian

Our price: £1385.35 (€1607.01)
Market price: £4010.66 , save 65%
Special Order: Extra Long 8 mm Lapis Lazuli Bead Necklace with Jeweled Sterling Silver Clasp
Natural 8 mm Lapis Lazuli beads (extra blue!) with a striking, solid 950 Sterling Silver closure, with Lapis Lazuli detail.

This necklace measures 30 inches L.

Our price: £733.42 (€850.77)
Market price: £1737.96 , save 58%
Special Order: Malachite and Sterling Silver Box
Luxurious box, handcrafted in African Malachite with 950 Sterling Silver edged and hinges.

Our price: £233.40 (€270.74)
Market price: £856.98 , save 73%
Special Order: Sterling Silver Custom, Reversible Symbol Charm
Handcrafted in 950 Sterling Silver, this round, reversible charm has the Eye of Horus in one side, and the caduceus in the other face. The symbols are delineated in silver, and the rest of the face is filled with inlaid Lapis Lazuli, extra blue,with golden pyrate flecks.

Our price: £122.59 (€142.20)
Special Order: Sterling Silver Egyptian Ring with Eight Carat Stone See details
Special Order: Sterling Silver Egyptian Ring with Eight Carat Stone
Intrically carved Sterling Silver ring, adorned by an extra large, 8 carat oval cabochon.

Our price: £140.87 (€163.41)
Market price: £296.26 , save 52%
Winter While Alpaca Shawl with Lapis Lazuli Beading
SKU: WO-2250
This exquisite, hand-spun Alpaca shawl is adorned by hand sewn Lapis Lazuli bead applications. This shawl is offered in winter white, to enhance the gems.

Our price: £211.10 (€244.88)
Market price: £1443.84 , save 85%
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