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Single Sided Unicorn Charm

Single Sided Unicorn Charm
This Charm measures 1.4 inches long by 0.63 inched wide; crafted in solid 950 Sterling Silver with a solid silver back. The inlaid is done with Lapis Lazuli with a solid silver unicorn silhouette.

This is one of the most beloved symbols of all times. There is a legend behind this lovely symbol:

There lived a fierce, horse-like beast that roamed the earth. Its savage spirit could only be tamed by the touch of a virgin. Once touched, the beast is transformed into a noble white steed marked by a long, singular horn at the centre of its forehead. In its spiritual ascent, a pair of wings appear to free the Unicorn from its earthly bondage forever.

The Unicorn is likened to Man - part animal, part divine. Its fierceness and savagery represent and signify the animal nature. Its whiteness represents purity and signifies the divine nature. The taming of the Unicorn by the touch of the virgin signifies the taming of the animal nature in man by the awakening influence of his higher self, or soul, symbolized by the virgin. The long horn symbolizes the achievement of right fusion or the integration of man's lower and higher self.

Until man awakens to the touch of his own soul who virtually tames and controls him to return to the centre of his being, he remains veiled. Because of this, the acronym UNICORN is a fit symbol of the program of regeneration and of the self transforming man. The colours that surround him represent the key activities involved towards achieving transformation: Violet for Meditation; Green for Service, and Blue for Study.

This charm is oval in shape, and crafted in solid 950 Sterling Silver with inlayed stone. It can be single sided, with a solid silver back, or reversible, with the symbol shown on the inset picture. It measures a generous 1.4 inches long by 0.63 inches wide.

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