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Rhodhocrosite: Characteristics and Properties

Rhodhochrosite (whose name means rose-colored) is a very pretty mineral. In a massive form its pink and white bands are extremely attractive and are often used in semi-precious jewelry. Rhodhochrosite is often carved into figurines and tubular stalactitic forms are sliced into circles with concentric bands that are truly unique in the mineral kingdom. Fine crystals are sometimes cut into gemstones, but Rhodochrosite softness and brittleness limit its use as a common gemstone. Left alone, crystal specimens of Rhodochrosite can be admired and cherished for their unique color and beauty.

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Rhodochrosite's Metaphysical Powers

Rhodhochrosite is the Love Stone. It has a calming effect and helps one feel love for him/herself and the world around them. Rhodochrosite is wonderful for emotional healing because of its loving quality combined with the powerful amplification properties of quartz.

Because of the character of Rhodhochrosite, it does not do well around negative energy. In facts, it is said that Rhodochrosite crumbles when exposed to negativity.

Rhodhochrosite focuses on the heart and circulatory systems and the cleansing organs. This is one to look out for...it has a positive effect on the reproductive system.

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