Medium Mystic Eye Charm

Medium Mystic Eye Charm
Crafted in Solid 950 Sterling Silver with inlayed Lapis Lazuli, Garnet, Obsidian and Turquoise. It measures 0.59 inches in diameter.

Chances are you have seen this symbol many times throughout your life.

The Mystic Eye is an ancient Egyptian symbol that depicts the Third Eye, organ of true spiritual vision. People, for centuries, have believed that the Mystic Eye is a phenomenon of physical reaction to your conscious, subconscious and super conscious mind. The mystic eye is that it sees all, knows all and tells all.

For that reason, it has been used as a pendulum for divinatory activities. Below find the basic methods of how this symbol has been used throughout the ages; even though you may just want to use it as we do: as an exotic, gorgeous jewel!:

Instructions for the use of Mystic Eye

The mystic eye consists of psycho-activated pendulum and answers YES and NO. Relax, hold the string of the Pendulum between the thumb and forefinger. Rest your elbow on the table, so that the pendulum is suspended about ¦ inch about the "eye". Think of a question or ask a question in a fairly loud tone. Remove all skepticisms from your mind and concentrate your attention on the Eye. The Pendulum will then swing in the direction of the answer. Do not move your hand or attempt to control the motion of the Pendulum. You will discover that your subconscious thoughts are as powerful as a giant motor.

Type of question one may ask

One may ask a question about any subject relevant to oneself or one's surrounding, one's past, one's present or future, about love, health, business, money or success. The mystic eye may also be used as a lie detector or self analyzer.

The mystic eye responds when one ask or are asked a question, the pendulum will start moving or swinging in the direction of the answer. It is not necessary to stop the motion of the pendulum when asking a new question. If the pendulum is answering "yes" to a question and the next question calls for a "no" answer, the pendulum will automatically slow down with a circular motion and then swing to "no" answer. If there is slight delay in motion of the Pendulum it indicates lack of concentration. This can be corrected by starting with a more jotting question. Besides one can know the date of birth of a person and answer to many futuristic questions using mystic eye.


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