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Lapis Lazuli also creates heart stopping accessories. Beautify your ambiance with these incredible pieces, fit for a king! We are continuously adding new products to our accessories line. You cannot keep creativity down! Our artisans are always coming up with new ideas and they love to receive your input as well. Would you like to have something special made out of Lapis Lazuli? You can contact us and give us your idea. We will have an estimate for you on 24 hrs!

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Corporate Sets
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Lapis Lazuli Eggs Paper Weights
SKU: AC-258
Solid Lapis Lazuli stone, shaped as an egg. It measures 3 inches tall x 2.10 inches wide.

Our price: £122.23 (€141.79)
Market price: £272.72 , save 55%
Round Sterling Silver Spoon Set
Beautiful house gift! Crafted in solid 950 Sterling Silver, with inlayed stone.

They come in a set of six, in a gorgeous blue velvet box. Available in 3 different stones.

Our price: £396.13 (€459.51)
Market price: £770.05 , save 49%
Salad Set
Make an event out of every special meal! Perfect as a wedding gift, or as a gift to your own home. Solid Lapis Lazuli handles expertly set on these durable pieces. Shipped in a blue silk box for extra gift presence. Each piece measures 25 cms (10") in length.

Our price: £339.54 (€393.87)
Market price: £775.39 , save 56%
Short and Tall Silver Plated Lapis Lazuli Candle Holders
SKU: AC-261
Extremely beautiful candle holder pair, handcrafted from silver plated metal and solid Lapis Lazuli.

Our price: £539.89 (€626.27)
Market price: £1203.19 , save 55%
Silver Plated Astray with Square Lapis Lazuli Cabochons
SKU: AC-266
Beautiful silver plated astray with relieved details, and accented with natural square Lapis Lazuli cabochons. It comes in an elegant blue silx box, for gift giving. This ashtray measures 5 inches wide x 5 inches long.

Our price: £122.23 (€141.79)
Market price: £272.72 , save 55%
Silver Plated Butter and Cheese Knife Set
SKU: AC-45
For the elegant cocktail party: Set of 4 silver plated knives (two butter and two cheese knives), with solid Lapis Lazuli handles. Handsomely boxed for gift giving!

Our price: £183.35 (€212.69)
Market price: £347.59 , save 47%
Silver Plated Cake Serving Spatula
SKU: AC-44
Enhances any cake presentation! Come in a blue silk box, ready for gift giving.

Our price: £152.81 (€177.26)
Market price: £401.06 , save 62%
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