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Our Prices, Our Philosophy

Why is jewelry so expensive everywhere else?  Is our jewelry REALLY made out of silver, gold and real stones?

Yes, our products are the real McCoy!  We can offer these prices without compromising on quality because we are the craftsmen!

How has Lapis Lazuli World revolutionized the way you purchase fine handmade jewelry?

The Traditional Retail Process:

Traditional Retail Process

This is the road that all goods we buy usually follow:  as you can see, there are substantial price increments in each step!

The Lapis Lazuli World Global System:

Lapis Lazuli World Global System

By working directly with artists through our 2 global offices, Lapis Lazuli World is able to skip a few links in the traditional supply chain.  We even handle our own distribution process!  The result?  Much lower prices!

One of the major benefits to the Lapis Lazuli World global system is that artists can now focus on creating higher quality items and unique designs rather than large quantities of more mass-produced products. This means that through Lapis Lazuli World you can access the highest quality one-of-a-kind items at incredibly low prices.

This retailing concept has been so successful, that we have expanded to include our newest ventures:  www.gemjewelryworld.com, www.turquoisejewelryworld.com, www.andeanwareswholesale.com and www.bohemia-style.com.  Now, we can bring you more unique, handcrafted values.  in addition, we protect an industry and skills that are fast disappearing in today's modern world:  our artisans make more for their craft, and you pay less for their wearable works of art!

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