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Surround yourself with beautiful things in your home! That is the secret to build a beautiful life: the details. These pieces do just that. They are not only practical, they are glamorous adornments that scream their uniqueness. Each piece is a handcrafted treasure.

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Cocktail Hour!
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Lapis Lazuli and Marble Chess Set
Incredibly beautiful and functional home decoration: each chess piece is hand carved in solid Lapis Lazuli or Marble. The board is a work of art itself: the inlay is so expertly done that you will appreciate no visible seams or gaps between the stones. The bottom of the chessboard is lined in felt. This set comes in a handsome blue silk box, with a compartment for each chess piece. This chess set is available in two sizes: - 8" x 8 " chessboard for $380.00 - 12" x 12" chessboard for $550.00 Please note that this items weights 3 lbs; a small extra shipping fee will be charged to any shipping method you prefer

Our price: £696.74 (€808.22)
Market price: £1390.38 , save 50%
Lapis Lazuli Ashtrays with Silver Plated Accents
SKU: AC-66
Simply exceptional! These practical and highly decorative ashtrays are crafted from solid and polished Lapis Lazuli plates, expertly joined to form the ashtray box.

Our price: £112.06 (€129.99)
Market price: £235.31 , save 52%
Lapis Lazuli Coasters
SKU: AC-32
Solid Lapis Lazuli disc, with anti-slipping cork back. Each coaster measures 3.1" inches in diameter. They come in a handsome box, in a set of six units.

Our price: £339.54 (€393.87)
Market price: £855.62 , save 60%
Lapis Lazuli Coffee Table Clock
SKU: AC-25
Jewelry for your coffee table! Crafted from one solid chunk of Grade A Lapis Lazuli with an clock insert. The clock works with batteries and comes with guarantee. Shipped in an elegant blue silk box. Measures 3.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches tall.

Our price: £174.19 (€202.06)
Market price: £668.45 , save 74%
Lapis Lazuli Desk Clock with Letter Holder
SKU: AC-26
An impressive piece, even for the most elegant desk.

Crafted from solid Grade A Lapis Lazuli, packed in an elegant silk box. The clock comes with guarantee. It measures 8 inches long by 3 inches tall.

Our price: £430.08 (€498.89)
Market price: £855.62 , save 50%
Lapis Lazuli Eggs Paper Weights
SKU: AC-258
Solid Lapis Lazuli stone, shaped as an egg. It measures 3 inches tall x 2.10 inches wide.

Our price: £122.23 (€141.79)
Market price: £272.72 , save 55%
Lapis Lazuli Mantle Clock
SKU: AC-264
Crafted from a single Lapis Lazuli slab, with a bronze base.

Our price: £163.00 (€189.08)
Market price: £374.33 , save 56%
Lapis Lazuli Soap Dish
SKU: AC-65
Exquisite! This Soap Dish is carved from a single Lapis Lazuli slab, specially selected for its grain and beauty. Give your bathroom the unusual Lapis Lazuli touch!

Our price: £236.20 (€273.99)
Market price: £668.45 , save 65%
Lapis Lazuli Sphere Paper Weight
SKU: AC-28
Solid 50mm Grade Lapis Lazuli Sphere. Packed in a blue silk box.

Our price: £152.81 (€177.26)
Market price: £401.06 , save 62%
Lapis Lazuli, Marble and Bronze Pinguin Figures
Hand sculpted in solid Lapis Lazuli, with Marble details and a bronze peak.

Available in several sizes.

Please add $8.50 shipping subcharge per figure. These figures ship directly from our factory in Chile, in a padded box, via Federal Express International Priority Mail (delivered in 72 businees hours to the continental USA)

Our price: £71.32 (€82.73)
Market price: £157.76 , save 55%
Nefertitti Sterling Silver Spoons
Inspired on Nefertitti's head piece. Crafted in solid 950 Sterling Silver, with inlayed stone.

They come in a set of six, in a gorgeous blue velvet box. Available in 3 different stones.

Our price: £396.13 (€459.51)
Market price: £770.05 , save 49%
Silver Plated Round Ashtray with Oval Lapis Lazuli Cabochons
SKU: AC-265
Beautiful silver plated astray with relieved details, and accented with natural oval Lapis Lazuli cabochons. It comes in an elegant blue silx box, for gift giving.This ashtray measures 5 inches in diameter.

Our price: £70.01 (€81.21)
Market price: £272.72 , save 74%
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