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Lapis Lazuli Grade A and AAA, all Natural Stones

Never an "enhanced" stone

We live in a world where precious natural resources are not that abundant anymore. Lapis Lazuli is not an exception. High quality stones are difficult to find. What is plentiful is poor colored Lapis Lazuli that has been traditionally used for pigments. As the price of Grade A and AAA Lapis Lazuli increases, you find more jewelry pieces crafted with poor quality Lapis that has been painted to give it color intensity. The result? A "plastic" looking stone that does not have the natural pyrite and calcite inclusions of natural Lapis Lazuli.

Grade AAA stones are reserved for our 18K gold pieces. Grade AAA Lapis Lazuli is deep blue, almost purple, with tiny flecks of Pyrite that give the stone a golden sparkle enhanced by the gold casings. The effect is simply beautiful.

Our company has forged a strong commitment to never use an inferior Lapis Lazuli stone. We pay more for high quality Lapis Lazuli stones because our designs and craftsmanship demand it.

Our stones are not color enhanced. Our jewelers only use grade "A" and "AAA" Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Rhodochrosite and Obsidian stones that are becoming rarer every day.

They spend a great deal of effort selecting richly colored, flawless stones. They reject the same stones that other jewelers will use, for more expensive pieces than ours!

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