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Gold Vermeil, which is pronounced "vehr-MAY," is sterling silver plated with gold.   Modern gold vermeil is usually created using an electrolytic process, which is much safer than fire gilding yet produces a similar result.

Gold Vermeil is comparable to pure gold in appearance and artisanship. Because of its primary composition of sterling silver, Gold Vermeil is considerably more affordable than pure gold.

There are various different levels of quality in gold vermeil: As with pure gold, a higher number of karats mean a higher quality piece of jewelry. Vermeil can be created using 10-karat, 14-karat or 18-karat gold. Ten karat gold is the lowest quality and 18-karat the highest.

Lapis Lazuli World uses the highest quality Gold Vermail you will find in the market today:  we coat 950 Sterling Silver with 18K gold, to offer our customers quality and value in one piece!


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Nefertiti Lapis Lazuli Set
SKU: AH-33

Based on a museum piece, this Lapis Lazuli set, favored by Queen Nefertiti for the strength she believed the stone imparted, has double vermeil capped lapis beads alternate with 10mm lapis tubes. Vermeil toggle clasps in both the necklace and the bracelet..

The necklace measure 17" l..  The bracelet measure 7 1/2" L.  The earrings measure 1.5" L

Our price: £428.84 (€497.45)
Market price: £910.88 , save 53%
Satin Ribbon Lapis Lazuli and Gold Vermeil Single Cabochon Necklace
SKU: NE-3297

Modern, striking necklace featuring 18K Gold Vermeil and a central, hand picked, extra blue Lapis Lazuli cabochon.  The hinged style of this necklace makes it a dream to wear!

Our price: £412.72 (€478.76)
Market price: £1035.62 , save 60%
Vermeil and Lapis Lazuli Fantasy Ring See details
Vermeil and Lapis Lazuli Fantasy Ring
SKU: RG-300951

Compeltely handcrafted in 14K Gold with the finest Grade AAA Lapis Lazuli, this understated, elegant 14k gold ring frames the natural square cut of a stunning blue lapis gemstone.

Our price: £661.09 (€766.86)
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