Antahkarana Healing Pendant

Antahkarana Healing Pendant

The Antahkarana is an ancient healing and meditation symbol that has been used in Tibet and China for thousands of years. It is a powerful symbol and simply by having it in your presence, it will create a positive effect on the chakras and aura.

When doing healing work, it focuses and deepens the actions of the healing energies involved. When meditating with the symbol on your person or close by, it automatically creates what the Taoists call the great microcosmic orbit wherein the psychic energies that would normally enter the crown chakra enter the feet and travel up the back of the body to the top of the head and then down the front to the feet again, thus grounding the person to the earth and creating a continuous flow of energy through the chakras.

This pendant is offered as a stand alone piece, or you can add a 950 sterling Silver serpentine chain to have the complete necklace.

This exquisite charm is handcrafted in textured 950 Sterling Silver with polished rim, and extra blue Lapis Lazuli inlaid. The charm measures 1 inch in diameter.


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