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Exquisite pieces crafted in 14K gold (alloy with 58.5 percent pure gold): 14K gold is the standard gold grade in America and Canada.


Our 14K Gold pieces are hand worked with the same quality stones as our 18K and 24K Gold pieces.  you will get an unbelievable piece for the price!


14K Gold and Lapis Lazuli Square Signet Ring See details
14K Gold and Lapis Lazuli Square Signet Ring
SKU: RG-3009
Compeltely handcrafted in 14K Gold with the finest Grade AAA Lapis Lazuli, this understated, elegant 14k gold ring frames the natural square cut of a stunning blue lapis gemstone.

Our price: £661.09 (€766.86)
Market price: £1201.60 , save 45%
14K Gold Cosmic Moment Charm
SKU: GRB-114K1

A custom made charm (in solid 14K Gold!), with a picture of the sky the day you were born! It is your personal jeweled Cosmic Moment:

This charm has a 'map' detailing the positioning of the planets in the Signs at the specific moment of an individual's birth. The chart is rendered by using the individual's place, date and time of birth as the data source for this planetary snapshot. It measures 1 inch in diameter!

Our price: £475.20 (€551.23)
Market price: £952.20 , save 50%

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